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Hi this course is the basics from my Method Module 1,2,3 I want you to already being specialised in Autism. That means that you are working already with kids or adults in autism or are very motivated and educated parent. Your kid/student has already structure and goes to School or works but there is things you want to come further with as a connection between Sensory stimulation, movements and communication. So if you don’t have those skills this course is to advanced for you. Take the basic course first in Autism and practice it for a while and see if you have enough skills to join this course. You need also to be passionate about helping people with Autism and a lot of patience. As you already seen changes takes time.

I started official with this method in Stockholm-Sweden in 1995 while I was making a survey on free time activities students should have sponsored by Schools in Stockholm. As you already guessed it was not much. By then I had to go out to the habilitations and ask for permissions to make surveys that was coded and Anonymous. I didn’t have that many that answered this survey but enough for making some kind of conclusions. One was that School didn’t care that time. The parents that was engaged made free time activities. When the kids where 14 years old they move to institutions. Most popular was to go to swimming pools and ride horses.  Remember that only the most gifted parents made this and with own sponsoring Aspberger diagnose was not  much diagnosed that that time. while I was consulting other communities the professionals said they didn’t offer that because the parents didn’t want their Aspberger kids to be treated different. So when my survey came out my boss didn’t want me to work there anymore so I stopped. A lot of kids where diagnosed and aspbergers took over . That was not popular in the group with lower functions.


Anyway people started to see that they could also have some free time activities. That time communities didn’t understand that they needed to offer that from the law. So I basically sponsored this vision with very little paid and giving very much information and structure, that means other activities in Autism started as Schools, living places and free time activities all around Stockholm county and then in the country. For an example I took in Judo the a School in Stockholm and the parents where afraid that the kids should hurt each other. So little knowledge they had that time. My son was one of the first having judo in early 90th from a trained judo teacher I disabilities and now Autism and Judo was the first sport to be registered for Autistic disabilities as a sport. I was travelling to a family camp with arts but arts was not good enough for my son so I had my lessons and rest of the time we enjoyed different art sessions and next summer I had assistant and another kid and mom enjoying this. The assistant took back the knowledge to School and implemented this new style. Module 1,2,3 started to grow that time I called it in Swedish; Grundteknik för barn och ungdomar med Autism. Translated to; Basis for kids and youngsters with Autism. I made a booklet meanwhile I made the survey about free time activity. I had there my 2 steps of Sensory stimulation, Movements and Social communication but very brief explained and with illustrations. Then I took in other experts in Autism and neurology. I studied also special pedagogies


Lärarhögskolan in an individual research program as I already made a computer program for kids with Autism in Avery day living. That took me 5 years to do from scratch to programming it and testing it. No sponsoring at all. I thought I should be sponsored threw researching and having my PHD but my professor didn’t allow me to because I was not married and sponsored by my husband. So I was discriminated as a single mother.
I started also to be more engaged in politics in the handicap area and alternative treatments for the Green Party that hold for ten year’s. Everything can be find on my homepage at references and other links.





 Here is my main book Module 1,2,3 that is 30 years of experiences in working with Autism both as a teaacher in Special pedagogic, coach in starting up free-time activtities in Autism,MBD/Damp, research in Autism.artist, dancer, Wellnes therapist and politician in handicap areas and more.
Starting up soon basics in Module1,2,3 I amlearning more about video texnique right now. My client is either a parent with a lot of knowledge in Autism or an educated theacher in Autism etc so my basic course is advanced start already. Basics you can learn with others what Autism is about.Here I have 3 steps Sensory stimulation, movements and Social communications from my expereiences as a couch, teacher, researcher, politician, mother, consultation, artist, dancer, wellness therapist in complementiry arts as I am now also licensed in and much more.Applied to CTAA.

 In Playful monsters and Lekfulla monster I have a special technique of learning out communication in Autism my third step in Social communication from my Method Module 1,2,3. I started with my Method as Grund teknik för barn och ungdomar med Autism that I wrote about 1995 while I coacded for more free time activities in Schools in Stockholm . I also put together the three steps I worked with understanding fro Benjamin and later on I coached other communities in Stockholms county to start up free time activities. that was so popular so a growth of interest in other autism activities started up as Schools. living places and more around Stockholms county in Täby, Vallentuna, Huddinge. The free time coaches also made a big role in the thinking from free time activities in all the are of Stockholms county so today we have a lot of activities that came out from my start in 1995.Today with total different people that is engage in this .I started up with coaching Sätragårdsskolan that is Bro skolan today in the early 90 th I took Benjamin to Bergbygård and we learn about creating different things in arts and also social communication between other kind of people. That I started up taking an assistant during one week of summertime for 9 years and they learned skills taking this back in Schools. Today one of them is working in habilitation for young children in Autism, Claudia Chaves Martins referensreferensBenjamins artKontaktMin pedagogik autismBenjamins konst-another one is a famous hairdresser that is having art shows for disabled on his place. Benjamin and I had 25 art expos that also explored of creating for Autism. In 2000 Benjamin was in Liljevalchs for youngsters already. Later on art Schools came out more. I started up Lindeparken 2000 with a niche for Autism after my pedagogic method lobbying for 3 years with my colleagues help Mrs Nordin .The staff was not educated in Autism so Benjamin was not treated well and finished after 2 years but the School exists now and mowed to the suburb I live. My son had to move to another city because of this and I had to start this over again so the same procedure in Uppsala in Ottelinskolan but that was better for Benjamin with educated teachers in Autism. He didn’t learn to read a write that speech therapists said he couldn't make that time. I was not giving that up. Benjamin and I talked threw a text phone and I started there to find out a way of communication. Later on we Skyped and more of the communication grew and Benjamin was interested in Christmas ornaments that he showed me while we talked about fairytales. From that our fairytales comes. I started to write the down and illustrated them 2015. the first was Snövit och Askungen .we made now about 10 stories. Benjamin also works with arts, in ceramics painting, screen, papier machier and other techniques .Most of the motives comes from our fairytales .Also his Social communication s he didn’t have anything from School. Benjamin uses Forbrain since October 2016 a research from The Us together with France that helps Benjamin to articulate better. This is scientific proved in the US but not in Sweden .In Sweden Consencus is very limited to what is accepted and also limits the possibilities to grow. my own research is the same thing with my method Module 1,2,3 and even my computer program was not sponsored Avery day with Benji and his pals. Vardag med Benji och polarna. I needed anyway tools for Benjamin and also wrote Benjamins konst-såhär gick det till att skapa av Pia Lebsund that is about the struggle to create that Benjamin needed to do togehter with me for having abetter life.In this e-book also pictures from our exhibition is there. The School didn’t understand this process as they where not educated always in Autism. Even if they where huge lacks in their teachings couldn’t help my son.

. I am generous and we start instead at soon tuesday March 6 at 2 pm Swedish time and the next lesson already Tuesday  and the rest of the Schedule. Last payment is March 2 at 12 PM all timezones. I recommend you to grab the bonuses and pay right a way at last 149 USd and try to solve the tasks and have 50 % discount,

Det finns ävenpå svenska Lekfulla monster så om ditt barn pratar svenska så får du som bonus den svenska versionen.

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So Now I am licensed in hypnotherapyreferensKontaktSensory stimulation and can offer you sessions to help you with weightloss, stop smoking and more. I am already wellnesstherapist from Sverigeheälsan since 2005 so I did learn how to help already then .Now i have the tools from hypnotherapy.I applied also to CTAA,with my complementairy educations.So if you are interested please let me know

2. mar, 2018
Väsen in Swedish and Realms is a study I did on Swedish realms and compaired it to what I licensed from Doreen Virtue Books as a realmreader, fairylogist, angel reader,angel intuitive,Flower reader/therapist ,Crystal reader.Flowers I learned most from Robert Reeves Sensory stimulationreferensand crystals from Judith Lukomsky . Readings most from Radleigh Valentine oracle cards.So the history behind is more from Doreen Virtue. today she is is only practising her new Christian directions so no more realms just christian symbolics is allowded from her beleive system. As I have another backgrund and dived deeper in Kabbala from my jrewish roots this is making more sense .When I am alos licensed asapast life regression therapist.Life between and Beyond lives therapsit.Future life hypnosis teharpsit,and moreis explained for me. My clients astral journey gives me more and more proof of this. So if you want to learn morePlease be me client. a past life regression takes about 2 hours just now price is 200 usd,Life between lives takes 3 hours for 300 USd and a future life regression takes 2 hours for 200 hours.Later on I will aslo offer Genetic code hypnosis, DNa-hypnosis and karmic whell hypnosis that I am aaslo licencsed in. I will dive deeper in this advanced etecniques later on in Manchester.So welcome.I make also readings 1,card 20 usd, 2 cards 20 usd, 3 cards 30 USd. you can read about refrences in those things on
Jag kommer också erbjuda past life regression på svenska ..Just nu 2 biljetter för 800 kr rabatterbjudande.boka på Se gärna referenser  referens på min hemsida
Pia Lebsund 5 lucky persons from Canada, the US and Australia was having free Regression therapy sessions with me and was very happy having it and licenced. So now is 2 tickets for  100 USD to book in past life regression as I a, licenced.this is avery discounted price. You can read references here on this blogg or referens

The next step is a regression between lifes.That is a very deep regression what happens between lifes and finding your soul group and guides and wise ones and your purpurse in this life and more.referensKontakt

You have to be in a good condition making this. Not any mental illneses or using any alcohol or drugs

. I am searching 5 volunters making this.I appreciate in the first place people that was working with themsleves in personel development. First I am searching for people I know from courses we joined together with teachers as Doreen Virtue and collegues, Christie Marie Sheldon and similar teachers. The session is up to 3 hours.I will send pre talk document before we start the sessions.If you are interersted send me a message on messanger or mail to info@piaalife.seOkay no LBL ticket is FREE  this for free. Value LBL  300 Usd,
. Please read the references From 
Ali Marie in LBL, From her and Julie McIntosh,Bobbie Welch in  Carolanne Nadeau ,Past life regression.

Carolanne Nadeau; I experienced a LBL and past life consultation with 
Pia Lebsund. I came away from this experience with a greater understanding of who I AM, where I came from and certain family dymannics and feelings have been occuring in my life. I felt safe, relaxed and was able to communicate with my Spiritual Team and also clarify and release old thought patterns and beliefs. Thank you Pia for the wonderful experience and learning.

Just  know not to drink alcohol, using narcotics , over 30 year's old not having mental illnesses are welcome. I prefere also you that know me somehow threw courses with Doreen Virtue and her collegues or Christie Marie Sheldon working with different areas in personel development. See you soon<3

referensPia Did LBL past life and future life regression. I was very pleased with her services. She helped bring out alot of what I've been blocked from and has made me much more understanding and calm. I highly recommend her. 


 Thank you Pia!!! 
My LBL was really amazing! Literally out of this world. This experience was so much more than words can describe. I'm so pleased with what I learned about my journey. I think everybody should try this.
Love, light and many blessings 💞

After having a past life regression with Pia I am definitely more able to understand issues that I have carried over from other past lives. Having done this I find myself more relaxed when those issues come up now. I'm able to focus more on the positives that come into my life. I highly recommend Pia! Bobbie 

I had a past life regression with Pia that was amazing. She helped me resolve issues that I had carried over from my past. It also helped me to better understand issues that I'm dealing with in this life time. 

I very highly recommend a session with Pia!!!


 Bobbie;Thank you Pia for my future life regression it really showed me where I need to dig deeper in my life and the possibilities that are open and in front of me :)

Carolanne,Nadeau;I experienced a LBL and past life consultation with Pia Lebsund. I came away from this experience with a greater understanding of who I AM, where I came from and certain family dymannics and feelings have been occuring in my life. I felt safe, relaxed and was able to communicate with my Spiritual Team and also clarify and release old thought patterns and beliefs. Thank you Pia for the wonderful experience and learning.

Pia Lebsund You are welcome Carolanne Nadeau. Do you remember how you felt in the past life regression?
Carolanne Nadeau Yes I do, vividly.


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I am happy to say that I am also licensed in advanced past life regression therapy.referens

 That means when you are ready and made your past life regression and LBL regression and future life hypnosis with me and worked with yourself a lot. What is in this? I can help you in seeing the Genetics on your female ancesters and their pattern how it is working on you still.Your ancesters on fathers line and their pattern. Their children and their reaction and your reaction on your children in past lives as a mother and father. That is a very deep task to do. I danced this in 2003 in cycles and also in 2007 and worked it out in ritual theatre. but this is individual hypnosis guidance that I am doing with you.

The other option that shouldn't be done one the same time is.DNA to see what it is about and what you can do going back. The last is the karmic wheel. So three very deep taskst hat I can help you with.Nothing for the beginner.Just for advanced people working themselves for av ery long time and made past life regression with me and or LBL or future lives regression..