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    For creative parents. Is it chaotic in your daily life with your kid in Autism? You have a School or a living place and pedagogic tools but still it is things you want o change. Soon my basic course in Module 1,2,3 starts in Piaalife Academy and on Udemy. Only passionate parents, teachers or workers in the field Autism that is giving time for this should apply to this. This is not a basic course in Autism. It is quite advanced. I recommend you to study the basics somewhere else and practice it for at least a few years before you are doing this course. Price is 200 USd but will be reduce for a start. Mail info@piaalife.se
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    Help for your kid or adult child in Autism or for yourself?

  • Holistic treatments accepted in CTAA

    I offer you both readings, chakrahealing and wellness therapy ,Past life regression,future regression,hypnos therapy,Life between and Life beyound lives and other complementairy treatments accepted in CTAA