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    Soon "Learning more skills in Autism" is ready. Check up Udemy.
    (I am starting with a test group with a few videos in my method.I need professionals in Autism in doing a sample of videos for for free. Please mail info@piaalife.se )Therafter I will have discount the first time for about 10.99 USd instead of 100 USd. This course is from my method Module 1,2,3 .Sensory stimulations, Movements and Social skills.

    I want to reach out for educated parents,teachers and Others i n Autism with at least 2-3 years of experiences. This course is a commitment of making a lot of efforts to try different skills.That takes a lot of time and patience. So this is not the Basics about Autism. I am couching you in my videos to make exercises on your child/student/adult and make notes.Only yourself and your client are making progress in the time you are making it.

    So if you are having those skills with a special education and pedagogic tool for your client you will try this and my coaching.That means that you have to understand on what level you are making those exercises and progress.I am coaching on a general way.If you want individual coaching from me that is possible to make for another price. I will also open a special Facebook group for this purpose.

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    Help for your kid or adult child in Autism or for yourself?

  • Holistic treatments accepted in CTAA

    I offer you both readings, chakrahealing and wellness therapy ,Past life regression,future regression,hypnos therapy,Life between and Life beyound lives and other complementairy treatments accepted in CTAA.As you know I am also offering healing as past life regressions.Please read references on www.,piaalife.se. This is not for people with mental illnesses or very sick persons.

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