Readings and Wellness

13. Apr, 2017

Happy Easter and Spring, Passover

I am lifting up my creation and necklaces as an Crystaltherapist and reader I will offer unique necklaces that I will load with healing. I am now meditating how to come out with more of my healings and readings. So I send you a picture how a neckalce can look alike.

20. Apr, 2017


I will combining this with my knowledge about autism in my fisrt step Sensory stimulation that is in my metod Module 1,2,3. Sensory stimulation, movemnets and social communication are th 3 steps. I will offer Sensory stimulation for parents but also for people that are not autistic. I am now in a transition so I will transform more. but please look at for more information. for you in angel intuitive group i offer readings now 3 card reading and a bonus card for 50 usd or 500 kronor, 50 Euros .Bonus just now until april 23. that I want you to donate for an autistic organisation where you live in the name of me. then I will also have offers on my homepage I started to write about it.. there I will offer readings and other cosultations from mhy wellnesstherapist and HPb educations as well and also give healing in different ways in crystals also and flowers. Welcome <3 will aslo donate to autistic organsiations from avery reading a certain amount.You can choose between having a reading from the Angels, Fairies, Crystals or Flowers as I am licenced in all this areas from Doreen Virtue,Judith Lukomsi and Robert Reeves. You can also ask for a chakra healing with crystals and or flowers. I use also my wellnesstherapist education to assist you in variations that can help you in a pin pointing out what is necessesary for you to do in a Lifepurpoce , Romance, Family, Relaitonships, making a Decision, Health issues and other questions. I use e-post readin 3 cards and a bonus card is 75 USD ,Euro or 750 kronor and 10 % will go to charitywork for Autism near the place you live. One card reading is laso for 25 USD, 2 card reading for 50 USd. I have 6 licences from Doreen Virtue and her collegues and courses addictions and clairvoyance and other courses in spirituality.

Coaching in SMART goals .stop smoking,drinking, eating bad food, needs an individual plan that can be discussesed, making a plan and folling up during a certain period from 200 $, to 400 $, starting to exercise individual plan the same price. Stressreduction also and more. Please mail me for more questions. (I am waiting for my paper licence as a Flowertherapist/reader from Australia and it is on wthe way on the post)

Det finns ingen video

:Please go to questions after this meditation in Sensory stimulation.

Meditation with lotuses.Please watch the beautiful photos I have on this page to come in mode and listen to my short video.

Example of meditation