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Dear client.

You are my favourite creative parent/teacher that want to know more about how to help your kid in autism.  Now it is your time. So I started up Piaalife Facebook and will have a club there from November 11, 2016 for paying clients. Just now we have different 7 stories out. One more in English . The playful monsters. In Swedish Lekfulla monster. Now a video is out showing how Benjamin and I  are talking about it. His dad is filming us. Benjamin is shy now but he speaks more when he is not on the video. He can just speak Swedish. Follow us there. I would like to start up a webinar in communication. Are you interested. This is the third leg in my method Module 1,2,3.Module1,2,3 Module1,2,3olderinfo So if you pay a small amountKontakt of 100 kronor you are in.  Please mail first to me at  info@piaalife.se

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