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Benjamins food and recipes

Vill du ha freebe på text från Väsen?meila info@piaalife.se.  septemberJag gör ny kurser  som du snart kan anmäla dig till. BlogBöcker www.piaalife.se  i
Idag 13:00 · Kungsängsgatan, SE-753 17 Uppsala, Sverige
Krokodilmonstret ställs ut bla på kulturnatten och inspirationen kommer från vår bok Djungelboken.En egen version av Benjamin och mig med våra illustrationer som finns som Pdf.Benjamin ville ha med en korokodil där och det fick han.Vad hände med krokodilen och Mowgli? Det får du veta om du vill köpa den.Meila isåfall eller Benjamins konst-såhär gick det till. Gå till länkarna nedan så kan du klicka på rätt bok.

You want a recipe for free then mail me.If you recommend another one to my page you can have more recipes.And a special surpice when you buy my book! Buy the book : Du kan även köpa boken på Svenska.Benjamins mat och recept.Kolla länkarna. 

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Then mail  before September 9 the receipt to info@piaaalife.se Kontakt then you will have a mini seminar from me about Benjamins Food and recipes. Meila mig före 6 september och skicka kopia på bokordern så får du ett miniseminarie om Benjamins Mat och recept..

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Interesting in webinars from books.Please let me know which topic.Kontakt

In 2017 I have also six and soon seven licences from Doreen Virtue and her collegues in different readings as angel cards, Angel inuitive, fairylogist, Crystalreader, flowertherapist and reader,realm reader.so if you have  aquestion about this please mail me or a healing issue on those topics. July 11 2017 I am also coming out with my own Silvermoon cards from 2003 to test them for an internationel public.Please look at my video on my www.Facebook.com/Piadansar  Pia dansar

From July 20 I am offereng areading , 1,2 or 3 card reading from my Silvermoon cards or Love and Disconnections.Please mail me  and book a timeinfo@piaalife.se. 1 card pris 20 USd (, 200Kr) 2-cards 40 Usd(400 kr) and 3 -cards 60 Usd( 600 kr) In the three cards reading you will have an extra bonus card for free.Value 20 Usd (200 Kr). A very unique reading.copyrighted by Pia Lebsund.

You are my favourite creative parent/teacher that want to know more about how to help your kid in Autism.  Now it is your time. So I started up Piaalife Facebook and will have a club there from November 11, 2016 for paying clients. Just now we have different 8 stories out. One more in English . The playful monsters. In Swedish Lekfulla monster. Now a video is out showing how Benjamin and I  are talking about it. His dad is filming us. Benjamin is shy now but he speaks more when he is not on the video. He can just speak Swedish. Follow us there. I would like to start up a webinar in communication. Are you interested. This is the third leg in my method Module 1,2,3.Module1,2,3 Module1,2,3olderinfo So if you pay a small amountKontakt of 100 kronor you are in.  Please mail first to me at  info@piaalife.se

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