13. apr, 2017

Please look att sensory stimulation there I describe how I will work with making new healing on necklaces as alicenced Crystal therapist and reader.

2. apr, 2017

Here I am describing about Autism and most how I worked with Benjamin that is 32 year´s old.
Please look att news under Sensory stimulation.

10. mar, 2017

Time to start Benjamin's fairytales and storytelling and I mad new video about what is Social communication and how we made fairytales. soon another video is coming about the background in technology and how hard it was to communicate for Benjamin in School and use colours and painting as a tool to communicate. The course starts Friday March 10 at 2 pm Swedish time. The first is a video that I am sending to you and you shall start in a private Facebook to solve a task. mail info @piaalife.seKontakt Please go to Pia Lebsund Facebook

Lesson 2 and webinar is March 15 by then you should give an example of solving sorrow. The fist lesson i will show you how i did on a video. The second lesson I will talk about beeing afraid and giving you examples of it. so the third time you shall solve this emotion. the third lesson is about beeing sad.The fourth and last about beeing happy . 
Now you have two videos for free preparing you to apply to the course Benjamin´s fairytales and storytelling that starts at March 10 at 2 pm Swedish time.this is my method Module 1,2,3 copyrighted by Pia Lebsund, but please share this information videos to other´moms ,parents with autism so they can learn more about my method and beeing interested to enjoy the cource in March 10. I will let 3 people go for 50 % if they before March 6 sending in aan example of social communication they did on ther kid with pictures so i can see how they solved a certain situation. I will let 2 persons go for free if they are single mom and struggling with their daily life health issues and economic sitututation,then I need somebody to gurarantte that this mom having like this. This goes for single dads also. The price for the course is 444 USd but can be shared to 3 payments 149 usd each. Go to webb butik Webbutik  Three payments 149 USd per time . Fisrst before March 7, Second before March 12 and the third payment before March 20. Or whole payment 444 USd before March 7. coaching Mondays and Thursdays in a Facebookgroup that is just for memebers.including a Pdf ot The Playful Monsters. I am coaching when I feel the group needs help. fist feeling. sorrow, then another feeling next week. Avery week a new feeling to solve. If yo sent in a description of a solution on social communiation you id on your kid before March 6 i will pick 3 of you having 50 % discount. Please look at video 1 and 2  sent March 3 to give a direction what social communication is about. two single parents will have this cource for free if you send in a letter why you ned it,health and or economic situaion and afriend is gurarantee this is right. only for single parents. Enjoy. mail      as soon as you can.

2. mar, 2017

Something woke me up 5 am in the morning and I know I have to send a crystal healing to moms with their kids having autism so here it comes. I will send my chakra grid I made after licenced my crystal reader and also a mp3 crystal healing for all chakras from Judit Lukomsky. Meanwhile you can look at big pictures with some txt from crystals she mentions in the mps3 healing enjoy. More information mail Okay I couldn´t send the pictures as they are bigger. Start with this.Blessings <3

In my grid you have all stones Garnet för the first chakra,Carneol for the second chakra, citrin for the third chakra, rosen quarts for the foruth and <3 chakra, lapislasuli for the fifth chakra, amethyst for the sixth chakra and diamond for the seventh chakra. i have more stones in my grid. I amde it little more personal. I have also green stones in the fourth chakra and lapislasuli I put over and surrounded with white roses. Please look at the fairy I draws to see the chakras and colours. Fisrt chakra red, second cakra orange, third chakra yellow, fourth chakra pink and green, fifth chakra blue, sixth chakra purple, sevnth chakra white. Basic colour and can shift depending on which stones you have in sixth chakra. Enjoy !!! More information Facebook Pia Lebsund  and info@piaalife.seKontakt

Pia Lebsunds foto.
1. mar, 2017

I am educated in special pedagogic in Autism and similar diagnoses. Lärarhögskolan licenced wellnesstherapist Sverigehälsan, licenced as a fairylogist, Crystalreader . i an also an artist and dancer and had over 25 art exhibitions .and soon flower therapist.From Doreen Virtue, Judith Lukomski and Robert Reeves. i wrote 26 books and 8 of them are fairytales with Benjamin Lebsund-Chanow and the rest in autism and a few spiritual books.