17. aug, 2017

I wrote Sensory stimulation 2015 about going to a garden with your kid in Autism.Now I am combinating this with flower therapy.KontaktMail to me if you want to enjoy it.Check the video also on Facebook Pia Lebsund or

@BooksPiaLEbsund Bö you buy Sensory stimulationSensory stimulation an e-book on Kindle/Adlibris,Bokon or another internet bookstore and show me the receipt you will have a miniwebinar from me on this topic.This offer is before August 20. Mail to Kontaktand copy in your receipt on this book Sensory Stimulation and you will enjoy me for a shorter webinar together with outhers. See cover is the pink lotus.My metod is module 1,2,3Module1,2,3 and Sensory stimulation is the fisrt step.

23. jul, 2017

Playtime which vase of flowers are you drawn to? You know the names.Pick one flower and you will have a reading from that one.
If you don´t know the names it is okay. Then you can have a flowertherapist reading for one flower if you book me before July 30. Price is 20 Usd or 200 kronor.But if you know the names of the flowers from the vase you are drawn to you will have on reading for free.You need to know them by heart.Mail to info@piaalife.seKontakt

Sensory stimulation

Pia Lebsunds foto.


Fullmoonreading and playtime which vase of flowers are you drawn to?You know the names.Pick one flower and you will have a reading from that one.Mail to

19. jul, 2017

The 5  Folk minority dancefestival at Stockholm and dancing to Anne Kalmering .Pias dansar o målar. Du bokar på Kontakt och talar om när du vill ha readingen. Pris ser du på efter videon. Boka före sista juli då jag tar en veckas paus från Sociala media.

17. jul, 2017

Det finns ingen video

I was having playtime in testing My Silvermoon cards together with cards that I am licenced from Doreen Virtue, Radleight Valentine and Robert Reeves. Now I am testing my Love and Disconnections to the Romance Angels from Doreen.I danced for more then 50 years so my cards is from dancing and diving deeper in my emotion.they came to me 2003. I tested them for a small Swedish public in wellness conversations at Sverigehälsan.Problems in loading this up so check Lebsund.My Silvermoon cards and Love and Disconnection is giving you more variations in helping you solve your situation on a daily basis and works good with other cards and readings as well as a complement. so please book me for a reading at info@piaalife,se.You will feel more confident in knowing more about how to solve your situaion with my guidance. Why?I am very staccato in my rhythms and direct in my communication .

Thank you Carolyn Schepers. Marlen Pardal for loving this.I danced 5 r from 1997 to 2012 and it is 5 different rhythms. The second rhythms is staccato that is my rhythms. Very clear, sharp and that is very needed today when everything is chaotic.

Otherwise I danced for over 50 years and therefore Pidansar is invoilved with quite many things as readings, necklaces theat I had to my dresses I made.Some I performed on the stage in. Paintings i had over 26 art exhibitions. Also my illustrations in my cards and in my books. Soon 30 books out and 10 are fairytales together with my son.20 about Autism and some different books.

12. jul, 2017

Yesterday I gave a 3 card reading from my Silver moon cards that I created  2003 afer dancing many year´s. I made 27 cards that came to me threw my guides and archangels after dancing 5 r.They where ment to be in my dance teacher licence but I didn´t licence as a 5r teacher instead  I danced more Oriental dance and Klezmer and different dances and took a course in teaching out dancing for kids and youngsters at Lärarhögskolan together with Idrottshögskolan  2007.

I also used my Silver moon cards in my wellness therapist education 2004-2005 in Sverigehälsan an my collegues liked them even if they didn´t dance and could go further on with their day.

I danced for more then 50 year's and started with jazz, then Israeli folklore, then different danses, aalsa, African, Oriental,Bellydances, Klezmer, 5r , own dance combinations with choreography, foxtrot, valse, chacha and quite many other dances and inspirations from the east as well.I used it in my brand UrdansUrmåleri.

After having six soon seven licences with from Doreen Virtue and her collegues Robert Reeves, Judith Lukomski and Radleigh ValentineSensory stimulation am I also testing my wings with my own cards to an internationel public. Please go to my Facebook page PiadansarPia dansar and leave a comment or on my Facebook Pia Lebsund  or on my web.Kontakt