15. maj, 2018

Hi I have still to recover because of sesonal allerhy and asthma.My neighbours are smokeing and barbecue so i am in the woods when I can and not much more. I licensed in reflexiology but will heal fisrst myself and Benjamin. I am thinking on making my course in Autism more simple becsue Tech issues with Udemy.Who is interested from educated parents in Autism to just make module 1 fist and therafter 2 and 3? Please mail me on info@piaalife.seKontaktreferens

2. maj, 2018

I licensed in nutrition today. I learned something simular 2004-05 in my wellnesstherapist education in Sweden.

Maybe together with hypnosis I can offer something for you that need to change diet.Probably also you need to move

.But I am now healing myself from asthma and sorting up what to use for myself and what to offer.

I want to offer regression therapy.LBL.futurlife and also DNa karma .As I was having wrong help from the Swedish doctors I was not helped and therfore couldn't make a course that was planned in advanced regression.

Still I can offer all the courses I made. I think that is for now meanwhile I am trying to build up my own couse in Autism and heal from this birch exponations right now.

The same thing with Grief and PTSD is something I have big experienced from as a single mother rising up a son with Autism and retardation with almost no support from family.

I wish I did have this knowledge before. But offer it as a healing is not what I can do now. REflexiology is also something i am learning in the first place to heal myself and my son.

I am also retired also before normal time so just limited offers is possible for me to give you.No stress is good for me to have so please be patient.

I also struggled as a visionar in studies,research and in politics to many areas that I was drained from energyvampires. As the Swedish healthcare and School is not working that will be big issues for coming elections. This never worked for me and my son I had to make it all.

Pia Lebsunds foto.
6. apr, 2018


Happy International day of Autism April 6.Here you can see a proud Benjamin showing his arts. We had 25 art exhibitions together, but School didn't encourage him to communicate at all. I started this. School didn't give Benjamin tools to read and write. I am still trying to help Benjamin with articulating with Forbrain since 1 and a half year back, I hope he will learn to read but the speech therapist deny to help him in team of habilitation for adults having Autism. That is discrimination. The reason is there is no money for adults with Autism. Only kids that can not talk having right to learn this. That is a discrimination in Agenda 22. Sweden is discriminating still people with Autism. 
I am soon starting a course in my own method Module 1,2,3 for educated staff in Autism and parents. You need to have education and experiences for a few years before you apply to my course .I want only passionate clients that give time to improve changes.

Yesterday we could see a boy Sebastian that was 6 months in a psychiatric unit in a hospital for 6 month .He was not allowed to leave that room for 6 months. That is torture. People with Autism still get tortured by staff not knowing better. Some dies. Sweden tolerate this still.

21. mar, 2018
After making a future life regression of my self I found out that I need to be more positive from my life lessons and carmic reactions.Trusting my intuition and healing forward better solutions, people and situations to follow my mission better.Therefore I changed the text from yesterday.
Learning more about PTSD and licensed also and can soon treat clients in this with combination of NLP,REBT, Hypnotherapy ,art therapy, meditation from wellness therapist education that I am also licensed in. but I need to be more sure about this hard situation and will learn more about CBT before taking clients.referensKontakt

I was ambitous day and night to solve everything to learn new things and try them out when others where giving up or going out and wasting away their time with drinking and partying or with charter just because they where were bored.

But PTSD is very tricky to handle so I am learning more about CBT as I already practised myself.Actually my son has also CBT as one way of treatment his repetetive behaviours that can be destructive.
Pia Lebsunds foto.
Pia Lebsund Here is another license in Grief that is also very hard and I wish I did know this myslef when my father died and I didnåt have anyone to support me and didn't have time to mourn him because my son was out of service and he should start a new School that I lobbed in. 

Pia Lebsunds foto.
Pia Lebsunds foto.