Corona crisis !!SENSORY STIMULATIONS and social skills MODULE 1,3Learning more skills in autism.

30 minutes a day keep the doc away Everybody shall move at least 30 minutes a day.this is very good for peeps with autism.My second Module in my method. Module1,2,3 and Learning more skills in autism.for professionals, for dads and for dummies.Certified with CTAA. A video from Social skills module 3 from the course.Welcome to my Facebook. This is a mixture of inspiration of my three legs in my business and friendly connections. My first and oldest is my method Module 1,2,3 and courses Learning more skills in autism for professionals, parents and newbies on Udemy. I have more then 30 years of experiences,.I taught, researched, wrote about 30 books and have 25 art exhibitions with Benjamin on this topic nine of the books i made with him and he told me the stories after skyping for a while.We both are illustrating. One We made in English.
My courses are also CTAA licensed since 2018 that is a unique concept I am having in this world. Pia Lebsund worked also in the politics for 10 years in the handicap are and wrote for the Green party in their program about this.I also contributed with this in The Stockholm a county, Stockholm City and practical political work in Social areas, health and alternative treatments. I am also remaking Benjamin konst-såhär gick det till att skapa. A book about Benjamins creating a process in arts.Benjamin never learned how to read and write so I learned him how to communicate threw arts. Art therapy is integrated in the way I am creating licenced from Renesance living.
more than 30 years of experiences in this field).
I had an fine art exhibition in Miami 2014 mentioned in People magazine, with two of my painting from dancing 5 rhythms in 15 years.Pia Lebsund Now I am remaking a book from those experiences Love and disconnections and I remade all pics as aquarelles. I had positive reactions in this process. I am planning to come out with this book in fall. I am using my tools from my complementary therapies certified from DR Karen E wells and licensed CTAA. My treatments are insured worldwide. I also wrote Why me? A stolen childhood https:/
a short story about my parents concentration camps survival and how I was told this as a little girl and consequences. I offer treatment for second and third generations to survivals from the holocaust. I am recommended from therapist Beerman ( she has more than 30 years of experiences in this field), and my books is on the center for Living history, Forum för levande historia. I will speak again on the learning center Limmud in November 16-17.2021digital from Stockholm I will also have sessions on Alternative holistic expo about my books and complementary treatments complementary therapy and third leg spiritual therapies and healing. Pia Lebsund
They can also be interacted. https:/
My business pages I recommend now and then on links.

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    So my CTAA licensed Learning more skills in autism courses, Professional, parents and newbies now on Amazon-books.Learning more skills in autism on 3 levels.CTAA specialpedagogisk och komplementär metod Module 1,2,3 och har haft kurser internationellt i 3 år nu på tre nivåer för proffs, föräldrar och nybörjare.Nu väljer jag att gå vidare genom idividuell och gruppcoachning samt att professionella har en möjlighet som är specialpedagoger med minst tre år utbildning att försöka göra uppgifterna, med journalföring och alla övningar samt videofilma detta på en elev med autism och skicka in framstegen till mig efter att de har köpt boken Learning more skills in autism.Have a better life for professionals. De måste maila mig DÄRFÖR SKA DU VÄLJA MITT FÖRETAG/MIN TJÄNST:
    Jag lär dig att använda mina verktyg i komplementär terapi i din vardag för att må bättre om du är andra, tredje generationare till överlevande från koncentrationsläger eller har annat medberoende och/ eller hjälpa ditt barn att må bättre som har autism.(Why me? A stolen childhood, Varför händer det mig? En stulen barndom.
    Förädrar bör välja en aktivitet att arbeta med och om de har tid och råd att betala för mina omkostnader. Detta gäller bara i en begränsad tid.
    Jag lär dig tre hörnstenar från min metod och ger dig övningar du kan använda till ditt barn emd autism som ger resultat.Du kommer också må bättre när du ser resultatet. med min egen metod som är CTAA certifierad. Min son och jag har gjort sagoböcker där han berättar från sin autism och nivå sagor som berikar dig och ditt barn.Han gör det då han inte lärde sig att läsa eller skriva i skolan.Dessa kan du jobba vidare för att beskriva känslor i vardagen.Learning more skills ina autism för professionella, föräldrar samt nybörjare.

    Jag jämför Doréen Virtues kurser om olika Väsen med svenska folkloristiska beskrivningar av väsen.Det hjälper dig att få en översikt över Väsen med olika förklaringar och källor.

    I want to reach out for special teachers educated academic levels with experiendces in individual or group coaching.Try to make the tasks with wvideos and journaling for you student at least one year or more then send it in for licensing threw Piaalife Academy, Just for
    al imited time coaching for parents with time and want to pay for my expenses.So I stop with my courses on Udemy after 3 years now.Still they are CTAA certified if you licensed it from me and licensed threw CTAA.

    So if you are having those skills with a special education and pedagogic tool for your client you will try this and my coaching.That means that you have to understand on what level you are making those exercises and progress.I am coaching on a general way.Facebook group for this purpose.

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    www. hing Help for your kid or adult child in Autism, yourself or group couching,or coaching teachers? Mail to
    Dec29, 2021,Soon Love and disconnections out.A shamanistic journey after dancing 5rythms for a lot of years.Benjamins konst -såhär gick det att skapa is out.About his communication in arts and difficulties.also our fairytale no 10 Benjamin och hans vänner älskar blåbärspaj. Check the blog.About 40+books out.
    Today some funny tests on piaalifereadings both in Swedish and in English and learningmore skills in autism.Make them. Just now the first ready

    A course on Väsen/Nature Spirit when you are buying the book now until august 25 English version.Swedish from September 14 kunskap

    Launchning Live, Väsen September 14 , 2021 at Vattumannen at 5pm-6pm, och Nature spirits discouned on Amazon until August 25.if you buy hte book you got a course for free(20 Usd paid) more information about my launching books.Väsen, Nature spirits and elementals,Aslos hsoving The playful monsters,Lekfulla monsers and Benjis ceramics on live launching in Sthlm. Amazon.

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    My courses are measurable in Swedish scientific methods Health profile.I am licenced as a HPB coach and also Wellness metods.Here is a HPB from my teacher Gunnar Andersson when I licenced in HPB at Sverigehälsan June 17, 2005 .I can also make an EPB on emotions.Both of them are measurable in SMART. Looking forward for your reviews later.familysupport for parents having kids diagnosed in autism.
    I offer you both readings, chakra healing and wellness therapy . I will offer therapym counceilling for second and third generation to holocaust survivers on Limmud November 16-17 2021,digital in Stockholm.and look at for the questions in Swedish and videos.Make them and then if you have less then7 points on mum or dad you need my therapy. Wirite to me on and I will send you a Pdf .Fill in the information and send it back to me.I will also offer group therapy .Now also sexual abuse healing.Certified oracle cardreader ,Past life regression,future regression,hypnosis therapy,Life between and Life beyound lives, art therapy, NLP,CBT,counceilling and other complementairy treatments accepted in CTAA .Please read references on www., I also started recently selling for PM-international,diet supplements for a healthier life. Me and my son having better results within 17 months from the most leading researchers in the world.

Module 3, Social skills