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Create and communicate with autism

The queen of coaching in #autism. Big experiences from special pedagogic in autism and similardiagnosis. More then 25 year´s also a mother to Benjamin with autism.Experiences also in painting, arts, freetimeactivities Agenda 22 and as a visioner.

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I started with coming out in basic technique for kids with autism 1995 that was spreading out in all area of Stockholm County. I started a pilot study in autism and free time activities that was in the budget of schools in 1994.That was to hot that time so I was fired from my job. I consulted other communities as Huddinge, Täby, Vallentuna and other places in Stockholm in coming together different professions to see what they could do for the kids in autism ADHD and similar diagnoses. From 1997 I also was elected as a politician in handicap issues in the community and county and healthcare issues as well. I finished in December 2006 from the green party. I wrote in their party program and my soon did posters for the green party that you can see in the e-book Benjamins konst såhär gick det till att skapa. (Swedish title) He had 25 art shows with me (benjileb.simplesite.com and I used my module 1,2,3 that is from Grundteknik. I also made my own computer program in ADL "Vardag med Benji och polare" that I started my research on Lärarhögskolan 1997-2001. I tried to go on with research but stopped. I also have courses in dancing and moving from Lärarhögskolan and dyslexia. I have licence from Sverigehälsan as wellness therapist with HPB (health profile) and started with public administration with economic, politics and statistics as my first graduation from Stockholm’s university 1980. I danced for over 50 year’s and painted for over 25 year’s with different courses from Stockholm’s ballet school to other dancing schools, workshops, seminars for more the 45 year’s. I had my last art show in fine art April 2014 in Nina Torres fine art gallery in Miami. I started at Bergbygård in 1991 with painting. Start with the basics in Module 1,2,3 coming soon out on international bookstores on internet. Learn with me for three months the three modules. We start with sensory skills, then movements and ends with social skills. every Monday and Thursday I coach so a flow will be in the group of maxium ten parents. Read the book as soon as you can. Then co-coach the parents in the secret Facebookgroup. You are working with your own kid and support and get supported by other parents in the solving the problems and learning my method of this structure. Then I coach you. You can also be coached individual by me. Mail me to info@piaalife.se a. Copyrighted material by Pia Lebsund. All rights copyrighted, text, pictures in the book, homepage, webinars. Blogs and more, 2016. That means also material that I made from1987-2021.

©  1987-2021 All rights reserved. all arts. pics, text, Benjamin Lebsund and Pia Lebsund

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3. Dec, 2015

Video from Vernissage December 2.Benjamin is the artist of December December,Cap Deesign. Kungsängsgatan his art for sale.

3. Dec, 2015

By Christmas gifts or Chanukka gifts from Benjamins art

Yesterday I was asked in launching the book Benjamins konst-såhär gick det till att skapa to put out some arts from Benjamin to buy for Christmas.In Uppsala there is a shop to buy his art in Kungsängsgatan 29, Monday-friday 7.30 am- 4 pm at cap Design.Phone +46- 018-727 71 28, 46- 018-727 71 29 or buying from me in Stockholm,cheramics, t-shirts and more. Benjamins pattern is registered at PRV, The Fox,räven for 300 kronor, in black or dark blue, different sizes. More for sale contact me pialeb@comhem.se. Benjamin is the artist of December in Uppsala,