Do you want to learn your child to play basket or

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Titel Do you want to learn your child to play basket or to start move? Pris 400,00 $ Produkttyp - Webbplatslänk Beskrivning I can coach you from my first Module, movements how to start from where your child is.I need to know first the status, condition and that is one session.The next I will give you some ideas how to start with some kind of movements, The third session a follow up.I studied and researched pedagogics and autism from 1997 — 2001 and have coached free time activities in Stockholm, Huddinge Täby, Vallentuna from 1996 — 2000.Started up niches in Schools in sports, arts and more.I also initiated different progress in the politics from 1997-2006. Most of all I trained my son with everything and he is and was a role module for his classmates and friends wherever he is. We made 26 art exhibitions and illustrated 10 fairytales that Benjamin told me in skype. He didn't learn how to read or write in School.I wrote about 30 books about autism on .I also started international course 2018 on Learning more skills in autism. Now I have books on Amazon for parents another one for professionals. More information and if you books this before April 20 discount for 300 USD, ordinary price is 400 USD. Online: skype, zoom,

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