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    Do you need to laugh and relax? this book is about this but it is in Swedish right now.

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    Can I help you with different ways to relax?Please listen to this video here or the meditation in Sensory stimulation.More ?Let me know.

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Licensed 2005 from Sverigehälsan as a wellness therapist and health profile (HPB)

I specialised in giving wellness reading from my cards. Silver moon cards and love and disconnection cards those cards I illustrated and wrote instructions after dancing a free dance for 13 year’s. So the pictures are from people in dancing but even other pictures. I tested them out on my colleagues and they could have guidance from them even if they never danced. I am suing them in small session for 30 minutes. I am asking the client to take 1-3 cards after having the question Clair in their minds and then we are talking about it and guidance in their life. So welcome to try them and watch my video. Pay attention. I can help you with guidance in your life what to do. Acquire focus and contact me for coaching you .Initiate a creative and funny change. So Skyping me in a webinar with a group. Please contact me. Read references from reading I made from my angelreading,fairylogist,crytstal,flower reading,realm reading licences, referens Kontakt info@piaalife.se

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20. Jul, 2015

Wellness offer

Shana tova wishes and a reading for the new year 5776 to come from Love and Disconnections

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Det finns ingen video

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Wellnes therapy