Social skills released August 21. Pictures from Benjamin.

Module 1,2,3 Module1,2,3 is my pedagogic tool in autism that I started up 1995 .The metod already 1987.with another name. The basics in autism or Grundteknik för barn och ungdomar med autism. The first module is senses and I wrote already books as Sensory stimulation and Water. Here is another one in tasting, seeing, smelling different food. You can also train social skills at resturants eating it. a new book is soon coming. Food as a sensory stimulation.Now social skills a book with different pictures from what Benjamin did.Soon social skills Social skills eBook: Pia Lebsund: Kindle Store ,

Social skills, Pia Lebsund - E-bok - Social skills - Pia Lebsund - eBook 

Social skills - Pia Lebsund - E-bok (9789174638325 ... Social skills eBook: Pia Lebsund: Kindle Store - E-böcker / Barn & Ungdom - Vara folkbibliotek - Elib

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