23. maj, 2022

I am planning for 5 day challenge.

7. maj, 2022

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6. maj, 2022
Readings on life, love ,pastlife.
For you that can not make a hypnosis or regression.I made readings.One session.Spring offer in May. I have 9 licences in oracle readings from the most popular from Hayhouse. Doréen Virtue and son,Colette Baron.Reid.Kyle Gray, Robert Reeves, Radleigh valentine, Denise Linn, Sharon Anne Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor and one Certified in Tarot from Dr Karen E Wells and CTAA.One session or 3 sessions.
5. maj, 2022

Har ni kollat min uppdaterade sida med butik? Erbjudanden just nu.

14. apr, 2022

Hypnostherapy in a group finding your inner child.Max 5 persons.

Check my mini course for free with Pdf and answer the questions: What mom told me? My earliest childhood memories? What dad told me? Make the lessons by answering them.Does it trigger you? Is it something in your inner child you need to heal? Did your mom survive the concentration camp?Or war of some kind?I can help you in regression, suggestion from you childhood and find your first point of pain and then later in your life.Later I can compare it with a past life regression that is projecting your life now. If you need to heal sorrow, fear, anxiety I can help you in another hypnos session.You should make mom for a certain session and dad for another. Too many things to work with in the sam time. Easter discount . You can make it yourself and have all time for you or share this with a group of maximum 5 but then I have to focus on every one on the same time. Mail me first so I could check your health status before.On zoom or skype.Easter discount .Ordinary 1 session 150 USD. One person.. One person in 3 sessions 450 .Easter discount 400 mail before april 18.


A course in healing narcisstic behaviours in 7 weeks. 7 sessions

probably you have a wounded inner child that is projecting either your mom or dad in relationships in love or in all kind of relationships.This program can help your sort out what is happening in your and be alert to your reactions and behaviours.I will start up a Facebook group just for this group so you can support each other on a daily basis and I give you all lessons once a week. This is also from the book Love and disconnections that will be included in this course as a Pdf. Easter discount 700 Usd instead of 1050 USd.Mail before april 18 to