5. sep, 2015

Module 1,2,3

The chapter. for ,more information click yourself to kindle/amazon and sample aftter you searchd on Pia Lebsund. I have now 12 books there. You can also find more in CDON, Adlibris, Scribd,Google play. Itunes and more apps.

Smell is the first thing to learn.Read more about this in Module 1,2,3 if you have a kid with autism.
Nature as sensory stimulation
Indoors as sensory stimulation
How to walk
How to start
Different scales
Moving in the body in different ages
How to move
How kids moves in the age of three to four year's
How kids moves in age of five to six year's
How kids moves from six to seven year's
How kids moves from -12 year's
Rotary movements
Balancing to move in rhythms
Social skills
How does the man himself
Shop in a store
Shop for clothes
How to eat at a restaurant
How to borrow books from the library and cultural events
To wait
To initiate