6. jan, 2017

Conceilling and even spiritual advices if you are asking for it.

Happy new year. We have a new year and as you can see i licenced as a Fairylogist and hope also come ot with other similar licences from Doreen Virtue. As I am also a wellness therapist since 2005 and giving conceilling for a averyday solution I already offered that from my Silver mooncards. They came to me after dancing more then 40 year´s in 2003. I tried them on my collegues and also clients and I have to say that they help people. As I also helped people on a deeper spritiual understanding I started to give readings for my friends and also on phone line. I stopped becuse it was not feeling right that time. But now after licening and testing it on my collegues that are happy. I feel ready to offer you this kind of conceilling with my readings.This is for adults that need a little more direction in their daily lifes so to speak. Here is one of my cards. I have 27 cards so it is not a traditional Tarot card. I was quided to do so. What are you seeing in this card?And of course i offer fairy readings and other readings with cards from Doreen Virtue and Caroline Myss. All text and pictures are copyrighted by Pia Lebsund