11. feb, 2017

My Valentine offer to you.Do you know what is most important for you?

Do you know what is most important for you to do ? If not? Do you want a reading or a wellnestherapist coaching from me? Please mail me info@piaalife.se before midnight February 11 and pay 10 USd before tomorrow sunday at 6 pm Swedish time I need your Skype adresses and mail. More information on Pia Lebsund Faceboook.Kolla www.piaalie.se klicka webbutik och betala in 10 usd eller 100 kronor före kl 24 idag och skriv in skypeadress så kan du får en reading av mig imorgon kl 18. Please pay 10 usd before 12 midnight www.piaalife.se and you have my info to my account. I need also your _skype adress so we connect fr a reading at 6 pm tomorrow Swedish time. I have quite many happy people that liked readings . Also you that have exercises to stop smoking and other things can reccommend me now, Friends on my Facebook.thx <3Benjamin gave me 2 <3 cards. Do you want me to make romanting reading for you before Valentine day with Doreen virtues romantic angels cards? Then please pay in 10 usd before 12 pm to my account. got to my webshop on www.piaalife.se and I need your Skype adress before the reading at 6 pm Swedish time tomorrow?