15. feb, 2017

We love to dance ?Do you also want to dance?

Benjamin and I dancing. To left urdansurmåler the brand I worked threw 2005- In next He is crumping, next he dance with Maria as a small kid and to the right dancing with me at Mosebacke as a teenager. Very good training. I danced for 50 year's and also licenced as a dancing teacher for kids and youngsters 2007 at Lärarhögsskolan.do you want to know more tehnmail info@piaalife.se. Kontakt My metod module 1,2,3 and step 2 is movements and dancing is one of the movements. And I wun a ticket on dancing on Kungsträdgården this summer on the day of the minorities . I was dancing a combo of free dance and klezmer to klezmer metallic music. <3  More pictures on Pia Lebsund Facebook.