17. aug, 2017

Are you interested in a small webinar about Sensory stimulation and walking in the garden?

I wrote Sensory stimulation 2015 about going to a garden with your kid in Autism.Now I am combinating this with flower therapy.KontaktMail to me info@piaalife.se if you want to enjoy it.Check the video also on Facebook Pia Lebsund or

@BooksPiaLEbsund Böckerwww.piaalife.se.If you buy Sensory stimulationSensory stimulation an e-book on Kindle/Adlibris,Bokon or another internet bookstore and show me the receipt you will have a miniwebinar from me on this topic.This offer is before August 20. Mail to info@piaalife.se Kontaktand copy in your receipt on this book Sensory Stimulation and you will enjoy me for a shorter webinar together with outhers. See cover is the pink lotus.My metod is module 1,2,3Module1,2,3 and Sensory stimulation is the fisrt step.