12. sep, 2017


Testar utseende på bokomslag till min kommande bok om väsen dvs älvor och annat i Sverigeoch jämförelser med fairylogistkursen från Doreen Virtue.

I am testing the cover first layout on Realms, fairies from Sweden compairing to Doreen Virtues fairylogist course. What do you think about the cover? I will start with a pdf for you that are licenced and interested in how it is or was in Sweden.The book will be discounted for a start.

I am not ready yet but quit soon. I researched since January and read about 10 000 pages about this and different kind of books from other resarchers in different fields.

I talked to authors in different fields and read their books.I had difficult in letting students letting me know their opinion so I have to go another way.Sensory stimulationKontakt

I also started up a Swedish group for licenced people in this field from Doreen Virtue but I had to do this alone as they where not interested. I have to say that I thought I should have more clearity in this but as it is hidden it is difficult.I start in Swedish first.I am also making my cover with my fairies and realms that I drawed.