27. feb, 2018

I licensed today in advanced past life regression therapy

I am happy to say that I am also licensed in advanced past life regression therapy.referens

 That means when you are ready and made your past life regression and LBL regression and future life hypnosis with me and worked with yourself a lot. What is in this? I can help you in seeing the Genetics on your female ancesters and their pattern how it is working on you still.Your ancesters on fathers line and their pattern. Their children and their reaction and your reaction on your children in past lives as a mother and father. That is a very deep task to do. I danced this in 2003 in cycles and also in 2007 and worked it out in ritual theatre. but this is individual hypnosis guidance that I am doing with you.

The other option that shouldn't be done one the same time is.DNA to see what it is about and what you can do going back. The last is the karmic wheel. So three very deep taskst hat I can help you with.Nothing for the beginner.Just for advanced people working themselves for av ery long time and made past life regression with me and or LBL or future lives regression..