2. maj, 2018

Information and anew license in mutrition

I licensed in nutrition today. I learned something simular 2004-05 in my wellnesstherapist education in Sweden.

Maybe together with hypnosis I can offer something for you that need to change diet.Probably also you need to move

.But I am now healing myself from asthma and sorting up what to use for myself and what to offer.

I want to offer regression therapy.LBL.futurlife and also DNa karma .As I was having wrong help from the Swedish doctors I was not helped and therfore couldn't make a course that was planned in advanced regression.

Still I can offer all the courses I made. I think that is for now meanwhile I am trying to build up my own couse in Autism and heal from this birch exponations right now.

The same thing with Grief and PTSD is something I have big experienced from as a single mother rising up a son with Autism and retardation with almost no support from family.

I wish I did have this knowledge before. But offer it as a healing is not what I can do now. REflexiology is also something i am learning in the first place to heal myself and my son.

I am also retired also before normal time so just limited offers is possible for me to give you.No stress is good for me to have so please be patient.

I also struggled as a visionar in studies,research and in politics to many areas that I was drained from energyvampires. As the Swedish healthcare and School is not working that will be big issues for coming elections. This never worked for me and my son I had to make it all.