3. okt, 2018

Learning more skills in Autism out now

Module 1,2,3 (example skills age 3-7 as an role model)
AS I haven´t got the right tech help in starting up this course I will give you discount 11.99 USD.I hope to fix this right... As I said 9 hours time differences with them as I live in Sthlm not in LA and also different instructors give different answers.I hope everything is fixed now so Welcome to start this course where you are helping yourchild/student or client to a better future.

If you invest time in training those areas I have in my course your child/student and client will have a better life as an adult.Often School is not prepairing children for a life. I could see this as a parent, teacher, politician,healer, researcher in Special pedagogic, artist, dancer and couch.
 My mother tongue is Swedish and I am doing my best with English.I coached in another field in English and my clients achieved great experiances.