18. okt, 2018

Do you want a session in ParallelQuantum lives or just a past life regression or more?

Are you interested in Parallel Quantum lives?

  Now I can help
 you see how you are living your parallel quantum lives.Yes that is right you are living all your lives in the same time. Time is not linear.So is one of the past lives that is sticking out and needs to heal in this present life? This is for you that made past life regressions already with me.Maybe also parallel or future lives.So now you understand we are living everything.But what you may not know is that everything is on the same time. So do you want to book a quantum Pararallel live session with me? Special discount now.Friend discount 50 usd for a start later 200usd. 

OR are you interested in a session about Karma?linear lives motherhood,fatherhood or DNa?

For you that didn´t make this please read references in Past lives, Life between lives and future lives. from my clients www.piaalife.se . I just licenced in PQL but need tech to past it in.
Pia Lebsund Here it is the latest license