23. apr, 2019

4.99.why me? A stolen childhood for 21 hours then full price.


Why me? A stolen childhood.


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Why me? A stolen childhood.
The way I recommend you to tread this book.

Read it first like it is.
Read it and see the similarities in antisemitism from the mid 1940th in mid Europe to Swedish  influences that time and how it is described .
Read it as a family story from a family in Chech republic to the situation in Sweden and how the little girl experienced it.
4.Read it with the Myth of Inanna explained in three phases together with the phases of the little girl, her mother and her father.
5. Read it how the little Perl's childhood was.Specially in School.
6. Read it how her own people treated her in School, after her divorce and with her boy.
Seven Have you learned something? Your reflexion.What is happening now on int his world 2019?