3. dec, 2019

The Playful monsters December 20,content deal 0.99 USD

Last year I found two girls as ornaments. One had black hair and the other was blond. A different kind that is a mixture of the original Snövit och Askungen (Snow White and Cinderella) fairy I wrote several e-books about Autism. Read my blog on my website www.piaalife.se. The Lion King is the second story that I made together with Benjamin.
ISBN 978-91-9826-74-3-3
The playful monsters
© 2016,2019 Author Pia Lebsund and Storyteller: Benjamin Lebsund
© 2016,2019 Illustration: Pia Lebsund and Benjamin Lebsund Text copyright © 2016 Pia Lebsund All Rights Reserved
I asked five mother’s about their reactions for this book. First each one got a demo of the way Benjamin explained this story and it was to many things going on there to be understood. I decided to make an easier version.They loved our artwork and the story.
I am thanking Rhonda Sheettz Williams, Linda Hazel, Melanie Holmquist and Lou Teena Watkins-Ratcliffe for their reactions to make me change this book to an easier version.