1. feb, 2020

Do you want a future life regression?

 Do you want a future life regression from me?You need first to start with a past life regression and life between lives regression.You can see references on www.piaalife.se.I am licensed from KEW and CTAA. Learn also more from my book Väsen(Swedish) about different natural realms.I am translating it to English now. Väsen is comparing natural realms from Doreen Vitues courses as fairylogist and realm reader, angel reader, angel intuitive.I am also licensed by other readers from Hayhouse and CTAA.Besides I am counselling you in grief, PTSD, NLP,CBT and healing, crystal reiki master, reiki master, certified in different crystal courses and CTAA. Art therapy.This is the third level of regression with me after starting with level 1 past life regression and level 2 life between lives regression with me.