19. apr, 2020

A reading from the past with a clear motive

 iopened up Piaalifereadings page on facebook now so you have my oraclereadings on my business.

So I have Piaalifereadings


as a business page with my own Silvermooncards as a profile picture and I started with readings on my wellnestherapist education at Sverigehälsan 2004-2005.Good morning .Exercise for day 24 Wisdom of the Oracle divination cards from Colette Baron Reid is A reading from the past with a clear motive.Maybe you want to know something from your past that you are struggling with.I make 3 card readings for free today.Just 3 readings. I am ready with 3 readings now.So if somebody want reading from your past and having your motive clear.I can give Corona discount,Mail to info@piaalife.se. I had 8 readings now for this 1,5 day and I understand everybody thanked me for this.