2. maj, 2020

information from Piaalife Academy,Pia Lebsund publisher

Check my front page www.piaalife.se. Did you know? That my courses Learning more skills in Autism are Scientific measurable in HPB, EPB as I am trained in.So when your kid,student makes my movements in The courses I can measure them and you will have proof of a better result. I can also.Measure better results in sensory stimulations and social skills as well. For 2 months my son and I tested a new diet supplement that I will also recommend for you. Sell it for you if you want to try them with 30 days guarantees if you are not happy. I can move better now. I sleep better and concentrate better. Benjamin is also sleeping and concentrating better.Health is important for wellbeing.I am licensed for CTAA as therapist in complementary treatments and a wellness therapist, also in special pedagogics, art therapy, CBT, NLP, conceilling and other healing modalities. I wrote and illustrated about 40 books and had 26 art exhibitions.One in fine art in Miami 2014