8. maj, 2020

Module 1,2,3 Youtubechannels. Here Social skills go to Piaalife. www.http://disq.us/p/294rf38



Example of making Sensory stimulations in my courses Learning more skills in autism for dads(families having kids, youngsters with autism) Special price now on Udemy.https://www.udemy.com/courses/searc... from Autism international in Us and Autistiska föreningen Sensory stimulations,stimulations, movements,social skills. Inspired from me. More the 30 years of having my method.Measurable in researched methods HPB, EPB by Gunnar Andersson my teacher in friskvårdsterapeut and HPB education on Sverigehälsan 2005.I am also certified complementary therapists from CTAA and my courses Learning more skills are also certified CTAA.If you are making them right and mail them to info@piaalife.se you will have a license from Piaalife Academy.I have insurance, and it is a 30 day guarantee on my courses.

  • https://youtu.be/tiyBLdRzXBA