12. feb, 2021

Nature spirits and elementals beings

I have written eight tales alongside Benjamin. Brothers bear was the last edition adapted for his autism and level of understanding. We both provide illustrations. We’ve made a tale of monsters, inspired by the likes of Snow White and Cinderella. They live in the land of snow. I can see now, that there’s a connection to the things I describe in here. The tales originate from various folklore stories and have - over time - transformed into popular tales among others. I have told them to Benjamin as child and due to his hindrance, it is now comforting that I continue these tales. He has now developed his own way of retelling these stories which are now intertwined with our tales.
This book is the result of research made into the different beings that have been told of in Sweden. I have taken part in the teachings of Doréen Virtue and her Realm Reader and Fairyologist courses. This has acquired me a total of seven certifications within the field. What I was missing, was the connection to the different beings of Sweden as Doréen’s teachings mainly focus on the Irish. Since then, I have acquired certifications from, but not exclusive to: Colette Reid, Kyle Gray, Radleigh Valentine, Denise Linn, Robert Reeves, Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor. All illustrations have been made from the descriptive sources in the book and one of the photographs is from a elf bowl found in the Church of Bränn’s Historical society. 5 stars review