18. apr, 2021

Energy5, #7energies

He was not allowed to play here today.We had to go to another place.
I loved to hear that my self-expression expresses divinity through me. I feel it, but often Others silenced me in this.How I can express myself with joy today is to hope for more positive energy next time I express something. Today I asked people around me be more openhearted when my son and I play basket. Because we were not having a place today in the park close to us. I expressed it to a facebook group. I know I speak threw the divine when I wanted the kids to have the same rights already 1995 but still people are reacting strange.So expressing this with joy has to be by playing basket.#7-energies. 5th energy:Journaling Reflection:
How did it make you feel to know that you have a right to self-expression, a right to hear the truth, and a duty to express that authentic self because it’s divine?
What does it mean to you that divinity expresses itself through you?
https://youtu.be/2ONysX4i01o When he played bandy.Kids laughed at him.
https://youtu.be/h4TvPhROHy4. He plays football with me here.
How can you express yourself with joy today?"