16. aug, 2021

Benjamins versions The playful monsters and ceramics.Lekfulla monsters from my steps 1, 3 in method


14. aug, 2021


Lauchning 14 september Vattumannen,Väsen på bild engelsk version.Benjis tolkningar och keramik Benjamin har kommunicerat genom bild och form som är steg 3 i min metdo och sensory stimulation steg 1 i min metod Moudule1,2,3.Nu rabatt på learning more skills in autism på UDemy t o m 18:e augusti. Benjamin worked with communication inall forms that is step 3 in my metod and sensory stimulations step 1 in mehtod  Module1,2,3.Now discount unteil August 18 as courses Learning more skills in autism. for professionals, parents or newbies. If you want me to make a specific course in creating arts.Please elet me know I have more then 35 years of expereinces. 25 art exhibitions together with Benjamins and 10 fairytales.I am also licenced in Art therapy and had an exhibition in fineart in Miami 2014.Mentioned on People magazine.